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  InnovaYouth hosts workshops through a meticulous approach to inclusive and sustainable learning. The 4 key stages of knowledge and implementation reflected across all workshop curricula entail analyzing UN SDGs, understanding community needs, forming beneficial partnerships, and creating impactful social change projects.

What Are Workshops About?

  Workshops challenge students to solve real-world global issues that call for a redefinition of traditional academic experiences while empowering change-making mindsets to their local communities. Through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we tailor workshops to elementary, middle, and high school levels by adjusting the difficulties of the concept in each presentation and follow-up activity. However, we keep the big ideas the same for all grade levels per workshop topic to encourage participants to maximize their impact using current resources explored in the workshop.


  The scope of these workshops is expanding throughout the country and the world. We call enterprising students to address 21st-century challenges in addition to preparing for careers. Become a volunteer today! If you would like to host a workshop in your area, please email us for more information.


Leadership and Social Innovation

November 11, 2018


CyberSecurity Essentials

December 12, 2018 


Colleges and What to Expect

July 13, 2019


Social Media Outreach

November 20, 2018


Civic Engagement

January 18, 2019


Global Issues

August 2, 2019


Creative Problem Solving

December 1, 2018


Starting Your Own Novel

March 22, 2019


Make a Change!

Pending Date


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