InnovaYouth Summits

What are Summits?

4 Types of Summits: 

Social Responsibility and Policy Innovation: Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria

The Social Responsibility and Policy Innovation Summit bridges the youth inclusion gap with entrepreneurship education tools and global networking skills needed to identify sustainable policy and community solutions for working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Global Leadership: UAE, Rwanda, Liberia, Bangladesh, India

The Global Leaders prepares the next generation of leaders, innovators, and global citizens to effectively launch successful careers and passion projects, utilizing 21st-century leadership strategies geared towards industry trends. 


Civic Engagement: Mexico, Hong Kong, Ethiopia

The Civic Engagement Summit equips youth with the civic tools needed to create social change in their communities and simultaneously become involved with international issues impacting today’s society and economy.


Gen Z: USA, Netherlands, Singapore

The Annual Generation Z Summit collectively gathers the perspectives of industry professionals, governmental representatives, and nationally-recognized youth leaders on entrepreneurship, education leadership, technology for sustainable impact, personal branding, and more.


Summit updates to be released throughout the month of February & March!

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