The Rise of Kamala Harris

It was on June 28th when I first thought to myself, "She might be President." Kamala Harris is the Democratic Senator from the state of California that emerged victorious at the first Democratic Debate held in Florida a few weeks ago. While, before entering the stage, she ranked fourth in many credible polls conducted by Gallup and CNN. Now, she closely tails the leading candidate, Joe Biden, and new outlets have said 'they are virtually in a tie.'

So how did this come about being? Democratic voters have always been curious about Kamala Harris and voters want to become acquainted with her the most out of the other numerous names in the large field of candidates. The first debate presented her with the same exact opportunity to show Democratic voters who Kamala Harris is. She remained composed, strategic and clearly dominant during the debate. It was evident that she had done her homework. The most significant moment in the debate comes when Harris questions Biden's stance on busing policies in the late 1900s leaving him flabbergasted and speechless. While, there are many technical aspects to the argument that besieged between the two, it did not fail to impress viewers to believe that she has the charismatic persona to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

Irrespective of her performance at the debate, Biden appears to remain the strongest at the polls due to his large lead, but the first debate has definitely weakened his base as Harris demonstrated her articulate and finesse skills to lead the Democratic Party. Attacking Biden was an obvious move for the first debate as he was strongest contender on the stage, but now Harris will be the prime target in the upcoming debate. Her performance in the upcoming debates can either change the course of this election cycle or derail her from grabbing the DNC ticket.

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