The New Year's Resolution Scam

A few days after the new year began, I was at a friend’s house and told her about my new year’s resolutions. She raised an eyebrow and replied:

“Why wait until a certain day of the year to start something? Start now.”

The first day of the year carries a lot of weight in our society. Yet, the resolutions made on that day are infamous for not lasting long. From blunt, unyielding critiques such as the one my friend made to the memes that floods the Internet, New Year’s resolutions are the new things we get and throw aside very quickly.

Not to mention the other important days in our calendars: birthdays, anniversaries, a special event. We all have important dates on our calendar that have most likely made us feel like this is the day something in our lives change. But even on days that hold special value to us, we already have trouble holding onto our resolutions, so what do we do when we set our resolutions on “ordinary” days?

When I decided to run for a state officer position in the Oregon Future Business Leaders of America, I didn’t experience any life changing event that motivated my pursuit of the position. And when I was elected to the position, I didn’t experience any life changing event that motivated my continuation with the organization. They were all regular days when I decided and acted upon my goal to become a state officer. On those normal days, how did I get the motivation to “start” and run a campaign? Why do I invest early mornings and late nights into my service to FBLA’s members? I would say I do what I do, at any point in life, because of my overarching goal is to become the most that I can be. I wouldn’t say this is my life’s purpose, but more of a goal that defines a facet of my life and provides a direction of sorts.

From conversations where people who tell me about their successes and failures, I have seen a common factor in their success stories.

Success or failure is dependent on how much you want it.

A person who isn’t used to exercise (me) have failed multiple times to complete workout regiments because I like the thought of a fit body, but I like even more the thought of sleeping in. I use this as an example because it has been on my new year’s resolution, and while I may find the motivation to begin one, I just didn’t want it enough. The way I see it, motivation has two parts to it. The first part gets you started and the second part takes you all the way there. Any journey starts with you, and that journey, as my friend puts so eloquently, can start today - if you want it enough.

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