Perfect Practice - Perfect Performance

I hated the piano when I first started. I guess that is to be expected when your mother is a professional piano teacher. I mean, after the lesson is over you don’t get to leave AND she knows whether or not you have been practicing. But that doesn't mean the instrument or the immense culture it represents is dislikable. Actually, in the present day I quite enjoy playing the piano, particularly the classics. So what has changed?

Piano can be challenging for various reasons - complex music theories and exact coordination are among the many reasons a beginner can find it difficult. Piano can be especially strenuous when the beginner is taught the classics, even when they have been dumb down to accommodate the untalented beginner (the appraisal my mother gave me).

My first impression of classical music - is something my mother formed to get back at for not eating my vegetables. I still remember clearly how hard I had to struggle with each piece, not only with learning the piece but also squeezing out every drop of patience to stay on that bench and play. I felt frustrated being forced to climb the seemingly vertical mountainside, but that made me more determined to tackle the proverbial mountain.

Strong motivation could only get me so far. A fact I came to realized when I channeled uncontrolled energy into piano practices that would leave you reacting like Michael Scott in denial.

I had to change. I could be as brash as I want on the piano, but it wasn’t going to reply with the music I wanted anytime soon. The simple fact was that, while I was practicing indeed, I was practicing the wrong way. If I wanted to play the piece perfectly, I would have to practice perfectly too. This doesn’t signify that my practices didn’t have flaws. Instead, treat each practice as the end product you want to achieve.

Is it only applicable to only musical instruments? Life is too broad for that to happen. With sports, practice to achieve the perfect form in your event. With public speaking, practice to achieve your ideal performance. With business, practice the skill sets needed to achieve your desired results. Remember: perfect practice - perfect performance!

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