Is Technology Causing More Harm Than Good?

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

There are many benefits to technology such as efficiency, communication, etc. but it may slowly be turning into a problem in our society. Devices such as phones, tablets, computers, and game counsels are starting to target children. Children are starting to experience difficulties such as cyberbullying and other dangerous things that may be lurking around the internet. There are people all over the internet who pretend that they are younger than they actually are to deceive children. They trick them into giving away private information where this information is used for no good. The issue of cyberbullying could cause students to have depression, not want to go to school, and even to commit suicide. There’s also the potential exposure to pornography that may scar children for life. People are trying to solve these problems by enforcing laws that make certain activities on the internet illegal and even allowing internet censorship.

The major problem that grownups - mostly parents – are talking about today looks at the issue of internet addiction. According to a report done by Common Sense Media, it talks about how “Children 8 and younger spent about 15 minutes a day staring at a mobile screen in 2013 and now they spend 48 minutes a day and that 42% of children 8 and younger now have their own tablet devices, a steep increase from 7% four years ago and less than 1% in 2011.” The steady increase of screen time for children is starting to turn into a problem. Another research done in 2015 by OECD even shows that the “impact of computers on pupil performance was ‘mixed, at best’, and in most cases, computers were ‘hurting learning’”. Many arguments say that handheld devices encourage learning, but even then, children are still misusing them. What we need are fast and easy solutions to this problem. Most parents try to set time limits for how long their children are allowed to play on their devices. However, this method isn’t as effective as parents believe it is. Instead of just telling their children to stop playing, a better solution would be to confiscate their children’s devices to prevent them from using their devices. Another solution that might work is to form events or put their children in extracurricular activities which create productivity where all the children could take part. An article on Psychology Today reports that creative activities stimulate the right brain, the hemisphere that is rarely used. Not only that, but participating in these activities also activate areas throughout the entire brain. Overall, children should be taught to manage their time wisely and to have some self-control over the time they spent on their devices every day.







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