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Oct 14, 2018

If you did not already know, America's healthcare system does not cover eastern medicinal treatments (e.g. ginseng roots for your tea). Yet, before the creation of the our medical system (approximatel
Oct 1, 2018

Like the name suggests, this forum is about ongoing news in our world that pertains to the category of health and young scientists. However, don't let that restrict you. Here, we discuss controversies
Oct 12, 2018

Recently in my English class, we were watching a TedTalk by Jack Andraka who at the age of 15, found an affordable method to cure cancer. To sum Andraka's story up, he had a close family member who d
Oct 1, 2018

Just to get this part of the forum started, I want you to ask yourself: what is life? In technicality sense, there are 7 characteristics of life: 1. responsiveness to the environment 2. growth 3. the