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Sep 8, 2018

Communication: A Fundamental Skill


Hi guys! So I'm new to this type of forum interaction, but I'd like to get started and hopefully get to know and help each other out! Now I know I'm not the smartest or the most talented, but what I would like to talk about today is communication. How does communication affect the way a business setting, or any in general, is run? What makes good communication so much more beneficial than poor or nonexistent communication? My name is Curtis Yang and I am a sophomore at Northwood High School in Irvine, CA. I come from a school with a high emphasis on academic excellence as well as a family with decently high expectations, but that's not what I feel defines me. I am an aspiring businessman and/or project manager, and I believe communication is essential for a successful company. One of my most haunting life events is not a test or essay, but instead a concert tour. Yes, a concert tour for orchestra. When we apply for college, we always look for ways to stand out; we look for extracurriculars that make us unique. This was supposed to be one of them. The director and I had it worked out - solos in two concerts, both in prestigious chapels or churches in France. The result? An outdoor, informal dress concert-of-sorts that no one really took seriously. Obviously, what I am describing does not really sound like a business venture, but it has its similarities. One could even say it was a trip that was half dedicated for fun and half dedicated for serious reasons. That business side of me always saw the deal I made with the orchestra director set in stone, yet her lack of regard for my interests and/or commitment made my investments, time and money, somewhat unworthwhile. Some of you may find no issue in that, but when you are promised something and work for months to perfect your piece, you want to fulfill your opportunity. As I learned, when two people are not following the same agenda, business relationships prove unsatisfactory. Now that I’ve described a bit about myself and my story, I'd like to hear your thoughts, including your own experiences with such, as well as your perspective on the questions I listed earlier. I'm looking forward to a great forum and year.

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  • Regardless of the countless social breakthroughs made in history, one thing has always remained constant: the fact that inequality including but not limited to gender and racial inequality, has never successfully been abolished. In modern times, a single difference can result in the loss of a major opportunity. For example, in business corporations, gender is often the prime determiner of whether or not an individual receives the job. More often than not, computer-based corporations have a workforce consisting of mainly males. Furthermore, even when a woman is granted a job within the company, chances are that their annual salary or benefits are mere pieces of what men receive. You may wonder, “how often does this happen?” The answer: almost everywhere. Game companies that you support, sports organizations that you admire, even government-based occupations are inherently stereotypical. Many of you know the game “League of Legends,” one of the most popular and well-known games released in history. While everything seems innocent from the start, the parent company, Riot Games , was recently criticized for its lack of gender inequality support. An employee known as Lacy recently published a piece on the matter, highlighting a social experiment she conducted to determine how her gender was affecting her status in the company. “ After an idea she really believed in fell flat during a meeting, she asked a male colleague to present the same idea to the same group of people days later. He was skeptical, but she insisted that he give it a shot. “Lo and behold, the week after that, [he] went in, presented exactly as I did and the whole room was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing.’ [His] face turned beet red and he had tears in his eyes,” said Lacy. “They just didn’t respect women” (Mashable). The typical student has big dreams coupled with the means to fulfill their dreams. They work hard, study hard, participate within their community, all to get accepted into the most prestigious university possible and have the most financial success down the line. What they see is the good opportunities and the even better salary, yet the struggles of a certain job is most commonly hid from plain sight. From an early age, students work to be different, to have a voice among their group of peers. Their identity is what is most dear and precious to them, whether it be in the form of religion, race, gender, beliefs, etc. They are taught to accept such differences, and generally, the notion is successful. Yet in a workplace, where an individual is solely a subset of a much larger corporation, oftentimes their identity is not respected or upheld. Issues like racial inequality, sexism, and religious intolerance run rampant and without mediation. It is apparent that one individual themselves is unable to drastically affect the workforce environment, yet the unspoken lessons we learn, specifically the embracing of differences, ought to be remembered and utilized when we transition into adulthood. Source: Beck, Kellen. “'League of Legends' Developers Accused of Fostering 'Culture of Sexism'.” Mashable , Mashable, 7 Aug. 2018,