Who Are We?

We are a new chapter branching out from InnovaYouth, located in the United Arab Emirates. 

The purpose of InnovaYouth is to develop active and compassionate lifelong learners,  inspire leadership through innovation, and enable students to make exceptional contributions in the world as global citizens.


Aryan is the President of InnovaYouth Middle East, who manages InnovaYouth’s progress over the Middle Eastern Region. Aryan is a strong advocate in empowering the youth minds by providing them with opportunities to learn and apply the essential skills needed to be successful in their future career.  Furthermore, Aryan is a national level cricket player across UAE, USA and India; he has been recognized for his performance by several national selectors and media sources. Also, Aryan has founded and led his school’s Debate Squad, Public Speaking Club and his school’s news platform. He has also networked with top industry leaders of various business ventures and organizations and interned for the top business around the world in an attempt to help in transforming the world we live in. He hopes to expand on by pursuing his interest in business by aiming to own his own company and while trying to elevate InnovaYouth’s global presence. 


Aryan Raigangar


Raj is a strong believer in the importance of leadership and teamwork, as these factors are pivotal for development and growth in our day and age. Raj is the current Head Boy at where he studies and is also an established part time DJ in Dubai, playing at professional events such as proms, weddings and corporate occasions. Raj is also passionate about journalism and features in a school news channel, his role as head boy consistently exposes him to the opportunity to be able to work closely with young leaders and work together to make a difference. Raj wishes to go into the entrepreneurship industry and truly make an impact on the world, specifically within the business market and environmentalist market. InnovaYouth has been a perfect opportunity to allow us to deliver and push the things we are so passionate about and the presence will only grow in the UAE as the InnovaYouth family expands.

Senior Vice President

Raj Bhogal

Zeyad Haggag is the Vice-President of InnovaYouthUAE. He is a firm believer in the power of storytelling and using adversities to power through presented obstacles. Deputy Head Boy of Gems Wellington Academy, Zeyad has presented speeches about transformational leadership to impact his school and community to persevere and start with leading their own life to successfully help lead others. Zeyad has thorough industry experience in the luxury hotel industry and has learnt closely from presidents and directors of multinational companies to engrave and share essential skills needed for success in the ever-changing state of the workforce. He is also a member of the Student Federal Youth Authority in the UAE and has applied statistical and mathematical techniques to question theories and analyze the impact of policies and events on the health of the economy.

Vice President

Zeyad Haggag

Daniella takes on the role of an adaptive leader, having gotten the experience to live in South Africa, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, she incorporates all cultural and ethical considerations into her work and studies. She is currently the deputy head girl in Gems Wellington Academy, where she aims to broaden her experiences by helping students across her academy and across the Middle East to grasp every opportunity in leadership and communication skills. However, she is not only a strong representative of such qualities and encourages them, but her passion also lies within the humanitarian side of students and young adults. Additionally, she aims to apply her knowledge developed from being an advocate of sustainability to provide more opportunities for current young and future generations to participate in helping society become more sustainable. She aims to study Interior Architecture, where she will hopefully build an architecture firm dedicated to being sustainable. Daniella has always had a love for the arts, and understands the importance of opportunity, as she was gifted with a two year LAMDA scholarship and has experienced being a teacher for young students in various youth groups around the UAE. 

Junior Vice President

Daniella Le Roux

Rami Faheem is the Director of Business Development for InnovaYouth UAE. He is a strong leader who uses his charisma and confidence to empower students and children to become stronger and more effective community change makers. Furthermore, Rami has a strong business mindset and this can be shown during his time working for the multinational company Jones Lang LaSalle or the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah. These sorts of positions have allowed Rami to gain key practical experience within the corporate world which he then not only uses for the benefit of himself, but also for the benefit of InnovaYouth. He aims to not only continue his career with us, but will also be working in Switzerland within the financial industry as an investment banker.

Business Development

Rami Faheem

Yaseen is the assistant director of business development of InnovaYouth UAE. He is a resilient and open-minded leader, but also a resourceful and self-reflective team worker, proudly serving as the current Deputy Head Boy. With a north African background and a global outlook on the world, Yaseen has been intrigued by business and entreprenership from a very young age and intends to pursue higher education in economics and business management in Europe. Having been inspired by many well-known entrepreneurs, including his very own father, Yaseen is no stranger to strategy and innovation and has created and expanded several successful business endeavours, starting in his early years of secondary school. His lateral thinking and communicative skills have further been attested to by the several medals he has won in the World’s scholar’s cup competition, in both the regional and global rounds, particularly in debating. Yaseen’s skills and interests seem to be neverending as he is also an avid horseracing enthusiast and is a rider himself. He hopes to further expand his skillset and expertise with Innovayouth while also making a positive and remarkable impact on the InnovaYouth's efforts and presence both globally and within the region.

Assistant Director of Business Development

Yaseen Aghil

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