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Executive Board


Who are We?

In today's society, students lack the necessary skills to take their passions and interests to the next level.

This should include identifying with leadership abilities to create change in our communities for social change. High schools simply do not reinforce collaboration and public speaking life skills in the classroom setting. Education must not simply teach work standards. It must teach life skills as well.

Many high school graduates go into college, not knowing what careers they would like to go into. This is due to a lack of personal reflection and this can be changed by fundamentally affecting the way students perceive education. 

The purpose of InnovaYouth is to develop active and compassionate lifelong learners,  inspire leadership through innovation, and enable students to make exceptional contributions in the world as global citizens.

Impact: 14 States and Counting!


Youth as the next generation is leading on the world stage, and is becoming the changes they seek through the resources and core agenda that InnovaYouth has to offer. 


Key Components

Workshops Initiative

Leadership Conferences

Social Innovation Summits

Inspirational Podcasts

Innovation and Career Journal 


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Directory Committees

The Conference Committee assists in conference logistics for upcoming summits. They increase participation rates by reaching out to local communities, organizations, legislators, industry professionals to get involved. 


The Partnerships Committee assists in organizing partnership deals and attend online business meetings. These directors will also speak and advocate on behalf of the organization to other companies. 






The Project Committee works to develop the digital literacy initiative and is involved in creating innovative project ideas relating to core values of InnovaYouth. They establish execution plans for initiatives and delegate internal tasks to the rest of the team.





The Sponsorship Committee actively seeks and oversees sponsorships as well as manage financial campaigns.  


The Workshop Committee outreaches and networks with student communities to further the workshops initiative. They expand the membership base by finding students to attend local events. Workshops also allow people to get to know each other more and boost community unity. 


The Marketing Committee creates graphics and manages the social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram. 

They also focus on social media engagement strategies and maintaining the corporation's brand.