Who are We?

In today's society, students lack the necessary skills to take their passions and interests to the next level.

This should include identifying with ambitions to foster leadership abilities and create change in our communities for social reform. High schools simply do not reinforce collaboration and public speaking skills in the classroom setting. Education must not simply teach work standards. It must reinforce holistic development as well.

Many high school graduates go into college, not knowing what careers they would like to go into. This is due to a lack of personal reflection and this can be changed by fundamentally affecting the way students perceive education. 

The purpose of InnovaYouth is to develop active and compassionate lifelong learners,  inspire leadership through innovation, and enable students to make exceptional contributions in the world as global citizens.

Impact: 15 States and Counting!



Youth as the next generation is leading on the world stage, and is becoming the changes they seek through the resources and core agenda that InnovaYouth has to offer.

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Victor Ye

CEO & Co-Founder     (  View His Story →  )                                              

Victor is a 17 year old social entrepreneur and founder & CEO of InnovaYouth. Since its founding, InnovaYouth has directly impacted over 10600 students in 15 states and 14 countries. Victor has been recognized by Tessy Ojo of the Princess Diana Award, Jackie Bezos of Bezos Family Foundation, Bill Drayton of Ashoka, and more for his humanitarian efforts in the educational sector. Besides his work in InnovaYouth, Victor also spearheads Coalesce For, a national civic initiative aimed to increase the young voter turnout for the 2020 election, and coordinates The Art of Living Health Ideas Festival in his local community. As a global change ambassador, he aims to promote peace and prosperity on Earth by working alongside like-minded individuals to make social impact.


Sara Ketabi

CEO & Co-Founder

Sara Ketabi is the Founder & CEO of InnovaYouth, managing internal affairs and facilitating international initiatives. Sara is one of two members of the UNICEF USA National Council of Leadership Development, designing national programs and global networks. She has founded edtech platforms, such as CollatEd Lab, with the support of international ministries and the UN as well as a data science startup. Sara has spoken at the UNICEF Global Annual Summit on leading through the Sustainable Development Goals, UN High Level Political Forum, the Women Economic Forum, Harvard Global Health Leadership Conference, and more. As featured by the UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab, she’s a Global Scholar and United Nations SDG Honors Awardee and Noble Citizen Award Honoree. She is passionate about sustainable change and innovation for global good.


Casey Chang

Chief Technology Officer

Casey is the Chief Technology Officer who encompasses the enhancement and programming of the site. Casey has 6 years of graphic designing and has designed the website you see now. He is an avid journalist and has been writing in various school publications over the course of his high school journey. Casey is also passionate about taking images, and does freelance photography on the side. To date, he has worked on over 8 projects from prom shoots to weddings and even concert performances. Casey hopes to intersect his love for photography with writing to help students develop personal compelling narratives through his involvement with InnovaYouth.


Anrui Gu

Chief Development Officer

Anrui is the Chief Development Officer. She works to align the educational and communicative vision of InnovaYouth with its core values. She is a senior at Downtown Magnets High School. As an international student from Beijing with a rich cultural background and a cosmopolitan mindset, she strives to bridge the resource gap between educational and residential communities through independent investigations in technology, design, and intercultural exchange. She has strong opinions on education, language, and the universe. She likes to do multimedia art, study dark humor, and blaze through online classes.


Takudzwa Caitano

Chief Operations Officer

Takudzwa Caitano is a serial entrepreneur , software engineer and consultant from Zimbabwe. He is passionate about technology , entrepreneurship and the future and is on a mission to create a tech revolution in Africa.He is a Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneur '19 , NextGen Fellow , Harvard Village To Raise A Child Finallist '17 and a Yale Young Global Scholar '16.He is also a Network Consultant for Shasha Network - a Pan-African education and consulting company founded in Zimbabwe.He also works with the CEO of Amigo-the fastest growing e-learning platform in Africa on growth and business development strategy. At Stanford , Takudzwa will be pursuing various interests such as Artificial Intelligence , Robotics , Economics , Education and Entrepreneurship.